Blessed with a passion for writing and making people laugh, but cursed with midwestern sensibilities, I graduated from University of Dayton with a bachelor's of arts in English and a bachelor's of applied science in secondary education.

I was going to teach the youth of America and bestow all my great literary knowledge on the next generation of writers. In fact, I did teach for a few years, and I loved working with students. However, I realized I really wanted to tell stories and entertain people. That's when I moved to New York and got my master's in journalism from NYU.

I feel most fulfilled making people think, laugh and cry with my writing. 

I've written and produced stories for a number of media outlets and continue to create content in a variety of formats including articles, podcasts, video and social media posts. 

After moving to New York, I started performing comedy both on improv teams and as a standup comic. It's akin to discovering all-you-can-eat sushi for the first time, challenging and exciting. More importantly, though, I figured out I'm really good at it. 

So welcome! Nice to meet you! I've created this website as a platform for the shameless self-promotion of everything I love to do. So go ahead and explore. Don't be scared; I think you'll find poking around here "engaging" and "user-friendly" (bonus points for content buzzwords).