I'm a podcast producer and radio reporter that's worked on everything from Bravo recap podcasts to true crime podcasts for Oxygen. Currently, I am produce and host my own podcast Amusing Bouche, which you can catch live shows of this summer at The People’s Improv Theater in New York City.  


NBCUniversal Podcasts

As a freelance podcast producer for NBCUniversal, I worked with Bravo and Oxygen Digital to launch and produce several of their podcasts. As a producer, I book popular podcast guests like Kristin Chenoweth and Matt Bellassai, edit episodes and create social media strategey for effective show promotion. 


Independent Podcasts

In addition to my work with large media companies I have developed, hosted and produced independent podcasts. 


Amusing Bouche the Podcast

I’ve always been hungry. Hungry to make people laugh and just literally always ready to eat. So I decided I wanted to make a podcast about both of those things, comedy and food. I’m in a unique stage of life where I’m working a day job I love while also trying to pursuit my dreams of comedy. We always hear so much about this stage of life from famous funny people about the things they experienced and the other famous funny people they meet, so I figured now was a good time to actually chronicle this with my podcast and spend more time with the wonderful and talented friends I’ve made doing improv, standup and characters in the New York comedy scene. I’m not a professional chef, nor am I technically a professional comedian yet, either. But, on this podcast we talk about how we pay the rent, how we book the gigs, how we come up with show ideas, whether or not we believe in the five-second rule and whether or not we can deviate from the recipe we’re cooking and the recipes of life.